Hot Toddies from the Old Country

Staying Warm and Beating the Common Cold

If you've ever been in the United Kingdom or Ireland, you'll know that the hot toddy is one of the preferred winter warmers. It is also considered one of the best medicines for the common cold. There's nothing quite like feeling the warmth pool in your belly as you sit beside a fire in an ancient pub while the wind blusters outside.

The Hot Toddy - a wonderful winter warmer - with honey by Don Victor Foods

The hot toddy has been around for a while. In Ireland and Scotland, they start by using a peaty single malt in each drink. When it comes to a hot toddy, the stronger, the better, much like with any other kind of medicine. Taste is important, as is a drink that warms you inside and out on a cold, damp evening. The combination of other ingredients can differ from person to person, but this surefire treatment for the common cold is enjoyed whether a person is hale and hearty or has come down with a winter bug.

Don Victor Foods presentes The Hot Toddy Recipe for keeping you warm in winter

A hot toddy consists of adding boiling hot water to a glass consisting of a finger of whiskey and a spoonful of honey (and if you're adventurous, a slice of honeycomb), then adding cloves directly to a slice of lemon cut into quarters. Sometimes people add other ingredients, like cinnamon or vanilla, depending on their tastes. A hot toddy is a great way to warm yourself while the rest of the world is wrapped in snow and ice. Keep out the chill this winter by finding your perfect hot toddy recipe, and fall asleep by the fireside with this delicious traditional drink.

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  • Sophie

    Thank you for healthy tips! Please post more of honey uses for internal and external problems!! Thank you 😊

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