How We Make Our Products

Manufacturing, Co-Packing & Co-Branding

What is Padilla Foods?

Padilla Foods is our manufacturing and product development division. Comprised of a team of experienced buyers, marketers and food manufacturing experts, Padilla Foods manages the development and manufacturing of our own brand, Don Victor.


Passion and Knowledge

Sr. Padilla passionate for life, friends, family and business are represented in all of the products the brand offers. 

A fabulous cook himself, Sr. Padilla when not spending time tending his Pecan Crops at his ranch, or entertaining from his own kitchen, spends his time traveling, exploring and collecting new flavors and ideas to bring new products to market.


A Flavor Profile Everyone Wants

Latin, mexican, hispanic foods in general have gained popularity over the last 5-10 years and we are seeing more and more traditional latin flavors incorporated into everyday American dishes. At Padilla Foods, we work hand in hand with Padilla Innovation to understand the culinary trends and opportunities for partnering brands to work together or to create new co-branded or licensed products. No idea is a bad one, so if you have one and want to talk about it, please let us know.